FARMacy started with just Smoothies but is now also a food truck. Scroll down for the food truck reviews


"Coming off of a juice cleanse I was looking for a way to transition back to eating that would be smooth and provide me all of my nutritional needs. I did a lot of research on smoothies and nutrition and realized that it involved a lot of setup and knowledge to really do it right. I was expecting to force down a smoothie each morning and deal with it. The first time I tried a FARMacy smoothie, i knew that this was the right thing for me. Not only was it delicious, but it was even more complete than i was planning to create for myself. When I looked at the cost equation (cost of goods and time to make) I realized that subscribing to FARMacy's total nutrition plan was the answer. For all that Jessica adds to these smoothies, they are truely a good deal. If someone is looking for a convenient way to add deep nutrition to their diet, one FARMacy smoothie a day will cover all of your needs."



"The nutrient shakes taste delicious! My digestive system is thanking me for these easy to digest meals. Was not hungry at all. Drank lots of water. Energy was sustained throughout the day. Day 4 of 3 shakes a day no food- Last day, Tons of energy, My body has shed all bloat and that feels good. I feel like I just did a reboot for my digestive tract. I will become very aware of what I put in my body moving forward. And will do this type of cleanse twice a year for digestive health." 

~Justin Burnett

Ordered 2 smoothies a day for six days- "The smoothies were excellent and I would recommend them highly! I slept much more deeply while consuming the smoothies. Felt more rested and balanced."  

~Sean Wallace of Mad Hatter Foods


"FARMacy smoothies are just what I needed. I wake up dragging my feet. After drinking it I felt so great! More energized and became more productive in my busy work day. Thank you FARMacy!"

~ Robin Waterfield


"I really love FARMacy smoothies, not only are they delicious, but I can actually feel a positive difference in my day when I start off with one. And unlike other smoothies they actually fill me up until lunch time."

~ Erin 


"Im in the green juice biz but I still must have my FARMacy. Not a coffee guy, this is how I like to start my day."

~ Eames Coleman


 "I have been drinking 1-2 smoothies each week for multiple months. I am a athletic trainer and a cancer survivor and expend a lot of physical & mental energy to provide quality training and teaching. My body feels good with each sip and I know there has been a lot of research and care from Jessica to provide a quality product with many health benefits. There are many days were I provide multiple training programs. Jessica's smoothies provide vital nutrient and vitamin intake and I always feel energized after I have one. I recommend everyone try Jessica's smoothies."

~ West


"I may not want to work on Maggie's Farm no more, but I do want to order Jess's Farm-acy more!"

~Jay Campbell "Every other week customer"


"My experience with Jessica's smoothies began before I knew about FARMacy. I'm not naturally drawn to such things, especially on a flavor scale, but on one occasion I needed a boost on several levels so I reached out to her. She was so kind to describe, element by element the benefits of her recipe. I haven't looked back since. There's something about FARMacy that Smoothie K*** and others can't deliver- a holly natural approach that brings real-feeling wellness, great taste and an invaluable quality that will keep me in the fold."

~Paul "A proud customer"


"FARMacy smoothies saved my life a few times"

~ Luke 


Every week I buy a smoothie to get a lot of great nutrients in me and it really set me up for a day of success. They are especially great on days where I may skip a meal. My family has been buying them too from FARMacy since the beginning of the company. Made to order is a good idea. Thanks for making a super healthy product and your efforts to keep us all well! 

~Maryann Parr of Beerrun 


Farmacy smoothies have become quite a fixture in my weekly eating routine. I like to have one for breakfast and one again for lunch, followed by a nice home cooked meal. This allows me to eat and drink guilt free all through the weekend. Farmacy smoothies are surprisingly very tasty considering how healthy the ingredients are. They are also more filling than any other smoothie I have ever had and I weigh over 300 pounds, so that's saying something. The best part of it all is the outstanding customer service and relationship that comes with the owner, Jessica. She is very responsive to emails and is more than happy to meet you somewhere or even deliver the smoothies directly to you if her schedule permits. Jessica is also extremely knowledgable when it comes to all things nutrition and is always happy to answer questions or offer advice. 

~Dave Warwick of Three Notch Brewery 


Amanda Schwab Maglione reviewed FARMacy LLC — 5 star

April 23, 2015 · 

Delicious and felt healthier after drinking one smoothie!



Zakiah N. Pierre reviewed FARMacy LLC — 5 star

April 13 2018

“I had the pleasure of having their food at a party. O. M. G. So flavorful. Delicious. My kids are really picky eaters but my staying within the lines of what they like (chicken, fruit and rice) they gobbled up their helping. And the vegan brownies, they just melt in your mouth. I personally thought ‘superfood’, I’ll try but was imagine it’s not for me. Boy was I wrong. Great food. Try them out.”


Scott McNutt reviewed FARMacy LLC — 5 star

April 14 · 2018

“I had my first experience here at the farmers market this weekend, very tasty breakfast and great service. Thanks team!”

Scott Clothier reviewed Farmacy— 5 star

July 22 2018

“I have been lucky enough to try some of the early test runs of the food that FARMacy will be providing at a home party and at the Farmers Market earlier this year. Get out there and find them at some of their upcoming events!! The Avocado Crema is the BEST!”

Tamara Rykal  recommends Farmacy

August 17 2018

“Had the opportunity to try their food on a few occasions. Each time was absolutely amazing. Highly recommend trying the avocado crema!”

Creative cuisine · Friendly staff · Great food

Justin Castelhano recommends Farmacy

October 20 2018

“Jessica and Gabino make very unique dishes. Superfoods plus Central American cuisine equal an unbeatable combo. You WONT be disappointed.”

Creative cuisine · Great food

Mike Waite recommends Farmacy

October 20 2018

“Great people, great food. Added cheese to their vegan burrito today at the Reason block party...dynomite A+!”

Jenny Poole recommends Farmacy

October 21 2018

“Well, Farmacy's brownies are a-mazing. I have unreasonably high standards for baked goods, and I was caught off-guard by just how much I loved them! Looking forward to trying the rest of the menu.”

Great food

Susan Lee recommends Farmacy

November 21 2018

“The food was epic, so very delicious! Also the dessert...oh my gosh! so freakin' yummy!”

Farmacy Catered a luncheon

November 27 2018

“The Super hot salsa was SO good.  Took home the leftovers and had them for dinner last night as well.  Compliments to the chef(s) - everything was delicious!”

Keir Zander Vice President
Community Investment Collaborative (CIC)

Estela Knott  recommends Farmacy

November 30 2018

“I recommend you come to McGuffey Art Center December 8th and try them out! 10 to 2pm.”

Creative cuisine · Great food